A Pergola over a deck

by Stephanie
(New Vernon NJ)

Ive read you post about pergolas for shade but am not quite clear.
The back of my house faces south west. The sun blazes esp in the summer. There is a deck there. You mentioned placing the boards closer to get more shade. Are the boards crosswise?
(I'm sure it must be obvious, but isn't to me!}
And so would there be posts and then a few front to back boards supporting the side to side boards that are actually doing the shading?
Hi Stephanie! I'm sorry my page was confusing. I hope I can help clarify. The pergola is supported by four posts, one in each corner. Look at the plan of the pergola at the bottom of this page http://www.landscape-design-expert.com/pergolas.html . The next structural member added is a beam that goes from post to post. This beam will be what supports the members that actually provide the shade. Attached to the beam are the members that are attached on end. Usually a 2" x 6" member is used. The closer they are placed to one another, the more shade is provided. Some folks stop here because it is providing what they need. If more shade is desired, another layer of members can be attached. They would be going in the opposite direction. 2" x 6" can be used again, or something as small as 1" x 2" attached flat to the vertical members. This construction would provide almost complete shade. There are also shade cloths that can be installed to provide complete shade.
I hope this information helps. A south west exposure is intense sun and heat, so understand you wanting shade on your deck and for your windows.



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May 06, 2018
Response re:Pergola NEW
by: Stephanie

Thank you for you answer and the clarification. It is very helpful!
I appreciate the time you took to respond.

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