Beautiful Back Yards!

Back yards are for you! You don't
have to impress the person passing by. They are
designed to fulfill your family's needs in a style you prefer.

Reflecting Pond with Stone Patio

The addition of the turret and brick terrace inspired
the renovation of the landscaping. Centered
on the turret is a reflecting pond that is edged on
one side by a Pennsylvania bluestone patio
and the other side has a stone seating wall.

The bluestone paving has a brick edge that ties it
in with the brick house, yet the stone extends a more
natural feel out into the landscape. The brick
wall at the back corner of the house adds privacy and
a nice detail to view from the street as well.

Stepping stones carry you through the plantings to the
stone seating wall and to the expansive lawn
past the trees and below the pond. - The grass enhances
the view of the house and creates open space.
Having a freshly cut green lawn is always beautiful.
When creating a lawn, sod is an option. Make sure it's within your budget.

What a great place to view from the study or sit to have
The small cafe table and chairs fit perfectly on this
patio.The outdoor furniture adds a visual accent as well as
provides a comfortable place to relax.

Traditionally, back yards are the place you
will spend your outdoor time, entertain guests,
garden, stroll and play.
I have designed them to look like a park with open lawns, large trees
and flowers.

Small back yards that are creatively designed so that a family can
have lots of entertainment area are also popular.

Sweeping Lawn with Focal Point

Back Yard Considerations:

  • Size may be a limiting factor.
    Careful planning in the beginning can help you decide
    what elements best work in your space. You may have
    to prioritize or choose what things are of utmost
  • Privacy is nice to have for this personal
    Instant privacy comes in the form
    of fences and walls.
    Plantings can be added for additional height or to hide
    the ugly backside of the fence. If you desire a softer
    look and can wait until plantings fill in, just do plantings.
    Lucky you if you have enough property that privacy isn’t an issue.

  • Some folks want a patio where you can have a nice dinner.
    Other families want a poolbasketball court, or large
    deck. They all can be part of a wonderful
    landscape that will bring you hours of fun.
    Think about what approach you want to take.
  • The cost of the back yard can add up quickly.
    Be realistic about the amount of money youinvest.

    You want the dollars you spend to make you money when
    it’s time to sell.
  • Pets need space too. Is your pet
    going to respect your landscaping or does he need a
    private space of his own. Dog runs can provide a
    secure place for your pet to spend short periods
    of time or give you a break when needed. I have
    incorporated them into a landscape design where
    you don’t even know it’s there. Attractive fencing
    can make it seem like a part of the landscape too.
  • Plantings can be more varied in the back yard. Although
    it’s possible to have the back yard look groomed all
    the time, there is not as much pressure here as with
    the front yard. This is the place to plant a flower garden and
    have all the wonderful plants that you want.
  • Outbuildings like garden sheds and detached
    garages can be charming plus add storage for tools and
    Install plants around them, so they
    become a part of the overall landscape. Keep the
    utility doors out of view. Point them away from the
    house. A window with a window box full of color is
    much nicer to view.

  • Off street parking can be a valuable asset
    to many urban homes.
    For houses on a city
    street without a driveway, parking off an alley in
    the back is convenient. Screen the cars with plants
    or decorative fencing, so cars don’t intrude on your
    back yard.

  • Courtyard
    This urban courtyard connects the main house and the
    detached garage. The garage is designed to look like
    a carriage house that is in keeping with the old
    neighborhood. You don’t want to look at cars in such
    a nice garden. Lawn isn’t necessary to create a lush
    landscape. Plantings fill the planters to soften and
    add color to the fence, house and carriage house.

    Back Yard Blues! Ask me how to green it up
    and make it your favorite place.
    Submit your
    question at Ask the Expert! You'll get a quick response and a web page dedicated
    to the subject, so other readers can benefit too.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    swimming pool design
    A lawn where children can easily play behind the house
    is beside the swimming pool nestled on the terrace below. When the shrubbery grows in, you won’t even know the pool is there.
    The roof of the pergola will be the only hint there is something in this
    secret garden.

    Outdoor Fireplace and swimming pool
    Wouldn’t you like to spend your day here? The pool is surrounded by comfortable places to lounge
    and relax. The sitting area by the fireplace or the outdoor kitchen by the house lend themselves
    to fun activities with your friends. A screened
    porch and pergola covered deck along the back of the house give more
    cozy places to be in the outdoors. Notice the back
    side of the wooden fence is screened with plantings.

    Contact me for further information or to talk
    about my design services.

    Nancy Dransfield
    Landesign of Virginia, Inc.
    P.O. Box 15582
    Richmond, Virginia. 23227

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