Fiberglass Pools are Low-Maintenance!

Fiberglasss Swimming Pool

Fiberglass Swimming Pools are durable,
molded one-piece units.

You have stock sizes and designs from which to choose.
They are made off site which is different than the vinyl
liner and gunite pools that are built on site.

They are delivered on a flat bed truck and
installed in a matter of days.
Clients that want
to limit the amount of construction time for their
landscape design consider this type of pool.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • Once installed, it doesn’t have to be
    relined or resurfaced.
    Cost-wise they are
    comparable to a gunite pool of the same size, but not
    having to resurface it in 8-10 years is a big savings.
  • The surface is smooth and comfortable. It also comes in various colors. Tile patterns of fish or other nautical designs can be put in the surface to make your pool unique.
  • Tile is installed along the top
    edge of the pool giving it a pretty band of color and a
    nice finished edge.
  • There are
    models with benches molded into them that also work as
    the point of entry and exit (no aluminum ladders needed).
  • There are standard
    widths that go up to 16 feet.
    This is because
    it must fit on a flat bed truck. This is the only limiting
    design factor I’ve encountered.

  • Fiberglass Swimming Pool with a Brick Deck Before
    BEFORE – This fiberglass swimming pool was installed before I was
    hired to develop the landscape
    plan for the back yard. Extensive grading and drainage
    work was done before the construction of the pool deck,
    walls, planters and steps to facilitate an easy transition
    between the levels and to assure proper water flow.

    Fiberglass Pool with Stone Wall After

    AFTER – This pool is elegant and dazzles
    every visitor! The pool deck with a herringbone bond is distinctive. The
    bull nose brick coping is another beautiful detail.
    The capped composite stone seating wall creates a
    nice place to sit and keeps people safe from falling
    to the sidewalk level below.

    This type of pool is something to seriously consider
    for your back yard project.
    They are strong,
    long-lasting and low-maintenance!

    Thinking about a pool, but don't know where
    to start? I'd like to answer your questions!

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    question and answer become a web page on this site.
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    and you can share it with your friends!

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    about my design services.

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