Perfect Pool Decks are Stylish and Comfortable!

Pool decks are expanses of
space that accommodate chairs, tables,
lounge chairs and all the things we want to have
beside the pool.
It’s the place to entertain or enjoy
quiet afternoons passing time.

Travertine Pool Deck with Tumbled Bluestone Coping
This travertine pool deck is not only gorgeous
but installs easily and is comfortable to walk on!

It comes in a range of natural colors. The tumbled
bluestone coping matches the wall cap for a beautiful
finished look.

Many of the same materials that are used
in patios can be used as pool decks with some
Here are a few pointers
to keep in mind:

  • It has to be comfortable to walk on.
    A hot surface is unbearable. Use a paving material
    that doesn’t get hot to the touch.
  • Roughness is also
    an issue.
    You don't want a rough edge to scrape a
    knee or tear a swim suit.
    A natural stone with a rough surface is also uneven causing
    furniture to rock and roll. It can also stump toes.
    Stone that is set in grass or dry laid some other way is going
    to be more uneven than a stone surface installed on a concrete
    pad with a mortar joint.

  • Use a surface that is easy to clean.
    Any dry laid material with large joints where the dirt
    and debris can get through can be annoying. It can be
    a pretty look, but dirt is constantly getting into the
    pool from people’s feet. This type of surface is also
    difficult to sweep or blow clean.

  • Safety is a big concern. A slippery
    surface can cause a bad accident. Stay away from slippery
    natural stone materials and some tiles. I grew up with a
    terracotta tile porch that was like walking on ice when
    it got wet. Tile can be gorgeous around a pool, but it
    has to be a tile for exterior use that also provides

  • Surfaces that are used in Central Virginia:

  • Concrete Pavers come in a wide range of colors and
    patterns. It is installed completely dry, no mortar.
    If the base settles or access is needed to the area
    underneath, they come up easily. You don’t have to worry
    about the surface cracking.

  • Concrete Paver Pool Deck
    PHOTO CREDIT: Sandra & Roger Wiley

    This pool deck is a concrete paver that looks like
    natural stone. It is a favorite of mine. The pieces
    fit tightly together making an smooth, even, clean
    surface. It is an asset to your landscape design!

  • Brick makes an elegant pool deck.
    It gives a formality to a landscape design.
    Some bricks are rougher than others. Choose one
    that is not rough on your feet or snag at your
    bathing suit when you sit and dangle your feet
    in the water.

  • Brick Pool Deck
    This paving looks gorgeous with the white, frame
    pool house. This brick is laid in a basket weave
    pattern with a mortar joint. There is a bull nose
    brick coping on the pool. You don't get much better
    than this!

  • Decorative Stamped Concrete is smooth to the
    The concrete is made with very fine
    sand, so the pattern can be pushed into the concrete
    with a template. Dark colors of this material also
    do not get hot. It’s a great paving to use if you
    want a dramatic, dark deck for your landscape design.

  • Decorative Concrete Pool Deck
    This decorative concrete is stamped to look like stone.
    It's a nice resemblance don't you think? This dark
    color is not hot and is nice and smooth to walk on.

  • Standard, gray concrete is still used.
    It can have a troweled surface instead of a broom-finish
    to make it more comfortable on your feet. Color may
    also be added to it to give it a more updated and
    interesting look. I have used a brick border and pool
    coping on a concrete deck to add interest and style.
    I don’t use aggregate concrete around a pool. It’s just
    too rough for bare feet.

  • I have done a Pennsylvania bluestone pool deck
    and it looks incredible.
    The coping was
    rectangular and the deck was random rectangular stones.
    It is very elegant. Stay away from slate. It is too
    slippery and hot on your feet.

  • Lawn up to the edge of the pool is not seen
    in Virginia.
    I see it a lot in New York and
    other New England states. It is a very gorgeous look
    to see lush green grass by a swimming pool. Of course,
    the area is level so it's easy to have furniture around
    the pool. Grass does not grow well here in our hot
    summers. Maybe this has something to do with not
    seeing it used here. It would be brown and patchy looking.
    There may be a problem with dirt or grass clippings in the pool.

  • Budget may determine what you can actually use,
    but it doesn’t have to limit the aesthetics of the
    The pool deck is a big part of the
    landscape design. Use a material that meets your needs
    and is comfortable and works to create a beautiful and
    functional addition to your home.

    Questions? Do you want to landscape your home
    and do not know where to start?
    Ask me a question about any landscape design issue
    or concern. I will respond quickly. You also get
    a page on this site dedicated to the topic. You
    can share it with your friends and the readers will
    learn from your question.

    Please contact me for further information or to talk to me
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