Landscape Design Pictures Speak a Thousand Words!

Landscape Design Pictures, especially before and after pictures of completed projects, are such a great visual tool. I often get asked, "Is there hope?" Seeing where the project started and how it ended is exciting to see. It helps you visualize what can be done!

front yard before landscaping

BEFORE - This charming house has a very unwelcome appearance. All that gravel and there is only two parking spaces!

front yard after landscaping

AFTER – The landscape design picture of this house now says, “Come In”! There is a lovely brick walk that leads to the front door through a beautiful garden. No more gravel and more parking! The side driveway of concrete pavers is perfect two car parking for the residents. Two guests can parallel park in the front. A timber arbor over the driveway makes this small house appear longer. Notice the Tudor details in the fence and window boxes. They blend with the architecture of the house to make the garden structures fully compliment the house. What a difference in the street appeal!

Want some help with your landscape design? Ask me a question and you will get a quick response and a page on this site dedicated to the topic to share with friends and readers. I hope to be hearing from you!

Urban Garden Before

BEFORE – This landscape design picture shows an urban garden that was taken over with trees and their extensive surface roots. The old bricks literally had tree roots growing around them. The old patio surface was so wavy and uneven it was hard to use. The fencing did not match along all the property lines. A stair case weaved across the back of the house, so that a nice covered back porch was fenced in by the stair rails.

Urban Garden with brick walls and Navastone Pavers

AFTER – As you saw in the before picture, the trees were not in good shape and their roots were very destructive, so they were removed. A new patio of concrete pavers makes a gorgeous surface. This paver is designed to look like Pennsylvania bluestone. There was an existing brick wall on the right side property line that we wanted to keep. We could not add more brick to the top of this wall, but wanted the height of the garden walls to be 6’-6”. The topper of trimmed horizontal lattice allowed the wall to look consistent on all sides and attain our desired height. The brick supplier that I use did a beautiful job of matching the old brick for the new wall. The stair case for the second story apartment now is parallel to the side property line plus provides storage underneath. This opens up the back porch. The white vinyl railing matches the trim color of the house making it look like part of the house. The arbor is a nice accent for the gate and lines up with the stairs to the apartment. This allows easy access for the tenant and makes the garden more private for the owner.

front yard before landscaping

BEFORE- This old house needs a new entrance and more “street appeal.” It is in a neighborhood of prominent homes and badly needs a facelift.

front after landscaping

AFTER – The house now has a U-shaped driveway that takes you to the front door. The driveway is gravel with a concrete edge. This type of driveway edge is used throughout this neighborhood, so it makes the driveway appear that it has been there for many years. The plantings frame and accent the architecture beautifully. There is an 18’ x 20’ parking pad of concrete pavers in front of the wide front steps. This pad makes the area in front of the house easier to walk on and keep clean. This house is now an asset to the neighborhood!

front yard before landscaping

BEFORE – The landscape design picture of this gorgeous, stately new house shows a house situated in the woods with no plan of how to build the driveway and show off its grand appearance.

Front Yard after Landscaping

AFTER – A southern-style mansion in all its glory has been born! The trees that blocked the view of the front were removed. The house is still nestled by a wide fringe of trees by the lawn that give the owners privacy and distance from the neighbors. The gently sweeping driveway entrance takes you to a formal circular drive with a fountain in the middle. Dogwoods (small, spring flowering trees) dot the woods and frame the house as you drive in. What a beautiful landscape design picture!

Back Yard Before Landscaping

BEFORE – The back yard of this house slopes down to the house. A very large window on the first floor looks out on this area. It is also viewed from above from a second story window and deck. It is not a very appealing landscape picture. The owners were ready for a spectacular focal point for their back yard!

Water Feature with Stone Paving

AFTER – A water feature with a patio and seating wall fit nicely into the slope. It is not only attractive to view out of the windows, but also functions as a great place to spend time outdoors. The natural stone that is used for the patio surface and walls looks very appropriate in the wooded setting. Because of its close proximity to the house, a well-thought out drainage system was installed to carry away the run off. An overflow valve connected to an underground drain pipe is installed to protect the house in case the pond overflows because of excessive rainfall. A small waterfall at the far end of the pond creates a beautiful scene and a pleasant sound that is heard throughout the garden. The weeping Japanese maple gently falls over the edge of the waterfall. This back yard has become an oasis!

Landscape Design Pictures help you visualize what can be done. Complimenting the architecture of your home, your taste and budget are the first things to think about when approaching a landscape project. Then let your imagination go wild!

Do you have a landscape design that YOU have worked hard on and want to share? Please send pictures! You will get your own page on this site to share with friends and family!

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