Spectacular Swimming Pools!

A swimming pool is the ultimate back yard accessory!
An imaginatively designed back yard pool can create a
unique and wonderful landscape design for your home.
Keep in mind these design tips listed below:

swimming pool with black surface

  • A swimming pool is a design element that
    needs some space!
    Using the right size pool
    for your landscape design is important. You don’t want
    it to look cramped or to overwhelm a small area. For a
    larger space, you have more flexibility. It can be in
    close proximity to the house or in an area by itself,
    possibly with a pool house.

  • Think about how you will enter the swimming
    pool from the house and from other places like the side
    yard and parking area!
    The circulation system
    around the pool and the rest of your property needs to
    flow. Don’t locate the pool so close to the house that
    it is an effort to go from the house to other parts of
    your property. This is the biggest design flaw I see.
    Pools can be located closer to pool houses because its main
    purpose is to accommodate the pool.

  • Orientation is an important design
    Whether the pool is installed
    length-wise or width-wise can make a huge difference
    in how your back yard is divided. The back yard’s
    “wow factor” depends on it.
  • The pool deck is the paved area around the swimming pool!
    This area needs to provide ample space for chairs, tables,
    umbrellas, lounge chairs and any other pool-side
    toys you want.
    This is a decision that needs
    to be made after thinking about the space you, as an
    individual family, require. It does need to be in
    proportion to the pool and the surrounding area too.
    Have you visited a pool that looks like it is all deck?
    It’s not a pretty picture. You want to create a back
    yard that is a beautiful picture and welcoming to
    visitors, not one taken over entirely by the pool.
    In calculating your deck space, keep this in mind.
    For furnishings allow room for the item plus 2-3
    feet to move around it. Think about where people will congregate. One popular place is at the shallow end
    by the steps. Make the deck wider there. Many times,
    along the back side of the pool, all that is necessary is
    a 4-foot wide paved area to accommodate walking from
    one end to the other. Pool decks can be made in a
    number of different surfaces.

  • Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool
  • Fencing around the pool area is required
    in most localities.
    As well as being required
    by your municipality, your insurance company wants to
    see this safety precaution in place. Be creative
    on where the fence is installed.
    It does not
    have to enclose just the pool. It can be a bit larger
    to give some space for plantings that soften the hard
    appearance of the pool and deck. If the budget allows,
    it is beautiful to fence the entire back yard, so that
    the pool area is not cut off from the rest of the property.
    This allows for nice open space around the pool!

  • Know where your underground utilities,
    sewer system, drain lines, irrigation system, etc.
    are located.
    Things like underground electrical
    lines can be expensive to move. A drainfield is impossible
    to move. If you are planning a new house and a pool is
    something you want, think about where these underground
    necessities are installed. If you have choices for their
    locations by all means keep them out of the future pool
    area. You don’t want to have to move them or work around
    them, if possible.

  • Providing correct drainage for the water
    that flows across your property is essential for a
    successful pool project!
    The pool needs to be
    built at an elevation that keeps water from flowing into
    it. Proper water flow on your entire parcel can be affected
    by adding a pool, so grading to accommodate and fit the pool
    into the site is important. A solid pool deck creates
    storm runoff that needs to be taken to a place on your
    property where it won’t create wet problem areas. This
    is a good time to install solid drain lines from your
    house’s downspouts. A tremendous amount of water comes
    off the roof, let’s not have it dump in your pool area!
  • These important design tips help you get
    started with the basics of putting together your
    swimming pool landscape design.

    Questions about your pool project?
    I have answers based on my 30 years in landscape
    Ask a question. You will get a quick response and a page
    dedicated to the topic on this site. Share it with your
    friends and the reader will appreciate it too!
    I hope to be hearing from you!

    Please contact me for further information or to talk to me about
    my design services.

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