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Flower Garden Backed by an Incredibly Firey Sunset

Fall sunsets in coastal Virginia can be so firey
red that they are mesmerizing! The summer
annual flowers bloom in the fall until the hard
frost kills them in November.

  • Collecting and growing orchids
    has become a new hobby for me. These beautiful
    tropical plants can not be grown outdoors in
    Virginia, but are the most beautiful flower to
    enjoy indoors. I have one that has been blooming
    for 7 months! Visit http://www.easy-orchid-growing-tips.com/buy-orchids.html to learn about these wonderful plants.

  • Glen Hampton gardens designs has designed
    hundreds of residential gardens for many
    satisfied clients over the last three decades.
    Glen's garden design philosophy is based on the
    premise that each garden should be true to its site,
    while complimenting its architectural surroundings
    and serving each individual clients unique lifestyle.
    Visit Glen's site to see beautiful videos of magnificent landscape

  • Dransfield Jewelers does a beautiful job of
    replicating nature in precious metals and gems.
    Their staff of highly trained jewelers can make
    anything imaginable. Visit Dransfield Jewelers at 1308 E. Cary St., Richmond, VA 23219

  • The Hearth & Home Shoppe of Mechanicsville is a
    great place to find outdoor fireplace and kitchen
    components. The manager, Nan Moore, is a 20 year
    veteran to this business and has a wealth of information
    to share. Visit them on the web or at their retail location at
    8154 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA 23111.

  • Visit http://www.diy-home-tips.com to get some helpful information
    about do-it-yourself-landscaping
    projects and maintenance.

  • Growing a beautiful lawn in
    Virginia is difficult, but not impossible. This site, www.better-lawn-care.com, can help you succeed. I've signed up for their
    newsletter, so I can keep up with the latest in
    lawn care. Consider this site your online source
    for growing healthy lawns...that are better for your
    family, your property and the environment.

    You'll get the dirt on...

    •The Basics of Growing Grass
    •Mowing and Outdoor Power Equipment
    •Watering and Sprinkler Systems
    •Fertilizers and Fertilizing
    •Weed and Pest Control
    •Natural and Organic Lawn Care
    •Choosing Your Lawn Service

  • Landscape lighting looks wonderful and
    brings the landscape to life at night
    Extend the time you are able to enjoy the outdoors
    by adding landscape lighting. Walkways are safer when
    a light leads the way. Make your property more
    secure with lighting. Solar4yards.com has a good collection
    of all types of solar landscape lights.
    Think solar to act green or add light
    to a place where there's no electricity.

  • Flowers add color and excitement to your
    Learn about all the different
    types of flowers you can use at Flower Garden Know How.

  • Stone gives warmth and beauty to a
    Review Wholesale Stone and Rock's site
    to learn about the many types of stone and how
    to use it.

  • Grass adds beauty to your landscape and creates valuable
    open space.
    In establishing a lawn, you have options.
    Sod quickly establishes your lawn and may be the best option in
    some situations. Check out this informative site about sod. It also can help you arrange for pricing and

    Have Questions? Struggling with a challenging
    landscape design issue? I would like to help!
    me a question and you will get a quick
    response. See a web page on this
    site dedicated to the subject to share with
    your friends and to benefit the readers.
    I hope to be hearing from you!

    Please contact me for further information or to talk to me about
    my design services.

    Nancy Dransfield

    Landesign of Virginia, Inc.
    P.O. Box 15582
    Richmond, Virginia 23227
    Office: 804-261-6773
    Fax: 804-264-7253

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