Add onto shared driveway?

by Molli
(Ittel )

I need help adding a driveway to a home that currently only has a shared drive with the property next door, sharing the space allowing only for tandem parking. Would need to add onto existing garage at the far end of shared drive, at the rear end of the property. I want to buy this home TODAY - but the issue of parking and guest parking all while sharing a common driveway with the next door neighbor is enough to ruin the whole property for my husband. There has to be a solution.

What a beautiful home! I can see why you are eager to buy it. My first observation from the front picture is that the walk to the front door does not show off the best views of the front of the house. Would it work for you to establish a guest parking area (2-3 cars,allowing a minimum of 8.5'of width per car and the depth from the driveway needs to be 18') in the front that is off the shared driveway? This would also involve planting to integrate it with the house and a new front walk. Another option which would be more expensive would be a U-shaped driveway in the front. I don't know the size or topography of your lot to know if this would work, but from the photo, it would be a functional and elegant approach to the front of the house.

I hope this information helps! Nancy

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