Advice requested re driveway design and location given entrance to property will be from the side of the house rather than the front

by Karen

We are in the process of building a new home as a second dwelling on a property. Due to local council regulations we have had to move the location of the house forward on the block therefore making the driveway entrance come from the front side of the house, and garage is directly to the right of driveway entrance.

We have a decent space and were thinking of having a circular driveway but wondered how best to do it given the entrance from the side rather than the front of the house.
Any suggestions advice on how we can make this work and look good would be appreciated.

A circular drive needs enough space to be able to make a complete circle. The diameter of the circle needs to be 50' minimum. It will have one entrance to the circle usually in the middle of the circle, but can come off a side. You may want to consider a "U" shaped driveway. It would enter at both sides of your property creating the "U". Widen the driveway in front of the house, so two cars can pass. The driveway can come off of the "U" and take you to the garage.
I hope this information helps!! Thanks for your submission.

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