Any ideas on a driveway layout for a house we are building?

by Cecil

The driveway access from the road has to be located on the right.

Dear Cecil,

Your house looks lovely in the drawing. With the driveway having to come in on the right and it looks like you enter the garage on the left, it sounds like a U-shaped driveway may not work. It would require you to be able to exit along the front property line. With your house design, this shape can work very well. Another design I have done in this situation is for it to be a "S" shape. Bring the driveway in on the right, take it in front of the house where it is wide enough for two cars to pass (18' minimum) then have it sweep around to the garage. Allow enough back up space at the garage. I like to have 40' when possible.
I don't have any information about your lot which contributes greatly to how your driveway will work. These two thoughts circulate well and will bring you to your front door.
Thanks for your contribution.


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