Best INEXPENSIVE lane base material

by Robert O'Brien
(SW Ohio)

I'm in the Cincinnati area and have a shered lane (1/5 mile long) that has been covered by gravel 3x's over the past 12 years. We're dealing with bumps/potholes again. What surface would you recommend we use this time to "BIND" the material better? A couple homeowners can't afford much $$ so i have to keep that in mind too. Any ideas?



Dear Robert,

A number of my clients have a type of driveway called surface treatment. The base is of compacted gravel that is graded to assure proper drainage. It is also compacted well to make it strong for supporting the surface material. The strength of the base is very important. Surface treatment is basically tar and gravel. The tar acts as a binder. It is not as strong as asphalt. The cost is more than a gravel driveway, but not as much as asphalt.
I hope this information helps! Thanks for your submission and good luck with your project.


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