best lawn for my yard?

by James
(Indianland, S.C.)

I have a small (60' x 60') yard in Indianland, S.C. that is shared with 3 large dogs. Every winter the dogs running around create a muddy mess. I would like to know what will hold up best in winter & look good in summer? Thanks. James

Dear James,

The warm, southern weather is great for tough, warm season grasses like bermuda and zoysia. Three large dogs are going to stress any 60'x 60' area, but those two lawn grasses are your best bet. They are green during the growing season and a wheat color in the winter. In VA, they are seeded in April & May, so being farther south may allow you to seed a bit earlier. I have had a client with a small urban garden that finally just installed shredded hardwood mulch for the dogs. It isn't as pretty as lawn, but you could install plantings around the perimeter of the yard to add color and interest. Thanks for submitting your question. Nancy

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