Can an outdoor brick fireplace be moved?

by Dara

My neighbor has a beautiful old brick fireplace in her backyard. I know she is thinking about selling her home, and I would love to have that fireplace- just curious- is it possible to move a brick fireplace and relocate it? Thanks!

It may be possible. Consult a brick mason. They would be able to inspect how it is constructed and whether it could be moved successfully. For example, it may be so heavy it would have to be moved in pieces or have a special piece of equipment to do it. It would also have to be placed on a sturdy, concrete foundation or else it will sink into the ground. Another good question to ask the mason is if it would be cheaper to build a new one like the neighbor's fireplace? There are a lot of bricks and mortars that are made to look antique. Sounds like an interesting project. Hope it works out for you. Nancy

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Dec 21, 2014
Moving a brick outdoor fireplace to the indoors
by: Larry

I live in Palm Springs, CA and asked the city if they would allow me to build a wood burning fireplace in my house. They said no unless I live at an altitude of 3,000 feet. Palm Springs is at an altitude of 495 ft.
I am now considering moving my outside wood burning fireplace to the inside of my house and would like to have an idea of exactly what is involved. The front of the fireplace is stone with firebrick lining and a short chimney. The chimney would have to be extended to about 12 feet to clear the peak of the roof where I want to moved it to. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the practicality of this. My existing wood burning fireplace is grandfathered in so all I want to do is move it to the interior of the house.

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