Can you give us ideas for expanding the parking options to our narrow lot that has a single car driveway?

by Julie

Need additional off street parking options

Need additional off street parking options

Our 1950's home has a single car garage in the front. The lot is only 56' wide. We are interested in expanding our off street parking options with a u-shaped driveway or some kind of parking court. We are concerned that the narrow lot and a large tree in the yard could pose a problem with the circle drive idea. Can you offer advice?

Hi! The narrow lot does not pose a problem for a "U" shaped driveway. I've had them work well on small urban lots. The tree is more of a concern, if you want to keep it. It looks like a nice tree that may provide important shade. Constructing a "U" shaped driveway will surely disrupt the roots. I can't tell if you can stay outside of the spread of the tree which is the general rule of thumb when doing construction around a tree. You do look like you have possibilities to build a parking area to the left of the tree that you would enter from the street. Add some stepping stones from the parking to the front door. A parking space is 18' deep and 8'6" wide. Don't come into the yard any more than the required 18'. Figure how many parking spaces will fit and look in proportion to the house by using the 8'6" width. Some planting around the parking will soften its appearance and help incorporate it with the rest of the property.
Thanks for submitting your question. I hope my answer helps.


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