can you tell me the best way to improve traction on a steep concrete driveway

by kathy carles
(kadina, south australia)

we are building a new ocean front house. Our driveway is quite steep. We are going to surface the driveway in concrete, but were wondering what was the best way to improve the traction of the surface so it is not slippery eg on rainy days.
Kind regards,
Kathy Carles

Dear Kathy,

An exposed aggregate concrete is the best material to use on steep inclines. This type of concrete has small gravel added to it. Once it has been poured in place, a thin layer of the top of the concrete is washed away exposing the aggregate. It has a rough surface which gives more traction than brushed concrete. Aggregate concrete is quite attractive and is used for patios and sidewalks as well as driveways. You can see a picture of it on the Driveway Surfaces web page. Often the aggregate used is a light brown color, but you can use whatever color gravel you want. I hope this is available to you in Australia. It is an affordable material to use, as well. Good Luck and thanks for writing. Nancy

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