Circle Driveway or Not?

by Bonnie
(Hempstead, TX)

I am finishing our home in Hempstead Tx. Our ranch roads and drives were put in long before the house was designed. (The odd shape in yellow) There is a circle driveway (in purple) that didn't show on the google maps. The circle drive was put in years before we built. When we came up with this odd shaped house, it doesn't fit the old circle drive. The concrete contractor is ready and waiting. I am wondering about a "pad" directly in front of the house... any comments?

Dear Bonnie,

From the aerial photo, the green space inside the circle driveway looks small and as you mentioned doesn't relate well to the new house. Does the driveway that approaches the circle show off the front of your house well or does it need to be adjusted? When you ask me about a parking pad in front of the house, I think of a courtyard style parking area. I think what you have to be careful about is keeping as much green space as possible around the driveway, so the front of the house doesn't have too much pavement. When using a parking pad you have to think about how folks are going to park and allow enough turn around space. The planting around it is going to be important to soften it and tie it to the house. The driveway is the backbone of your landscape design and a very important part of your real estate investment. I think a landscape design professional could be very helpful to you. Ask friends and colleagues to refer an experienced designer to you. The money will be well spent.

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