circular driveway

hi there... i wish you were in Baltimore. so i plan on creating a circular driveway and wanted to know the diameter size if i want cars to park along the circle and still have enough space to get out and drive around and out of the circle. and what size then the drive in area would have to be for two cars to fit at the same time (those coming in and those driving out). thank you. Ana

Guess what? I have a daughter in Baltimore, so do get up there sometimes. It's a great town!
Circular driveways are very functional and attractive. The driveway needs to be a minimun of 18 feet wide for two cars to pass one another. I usually make it 20 feet, if I have the extra room. This is the width the driveway would also need to be for two cars to be able to pass one another comfortably. I have done circular driveways that the entire circle is 20 feet wide.
The entrance and exit of the driveway should not get too wide, so it doesn't start looking too commercial. Many driveways are 12 or 15 feet wide and widen at the house for parking and at the entrance and exit to allow for easy access. Whatever driveway width works for you is alright. Widen the driveway at the exit and entrance to no more than 25 feet. This is done by gently curving the driveway to this wider width. A car can easily turn right or left around the curve. Visit the circular driveway page again and look at the drawings to see how you curve the driveway at the entrance and exit. There is one drawing on the page that shows this detail.
Thanks for your submission. Let me know how it goes.


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