Dimensions of Tear Drop Driveway on Site

On the landscape-design-expert web site, you have a design of a tear drop driveway. I have saved the picture and made it larger but I still can not make out the width of the driveway at the house and on the sides. Also how big is the tear drop garden in the middle of the driveway. I would appreciate your assistance. Thank you.


Lynn Huett

Good Morning Lynn,

I am sorry you could not read the small print. The width of this driveway is 20 feet by the house and 18 feet on each side leg. This driveway is in front of a very large house. At these dimensions, a car can pass at any point along the driveway. In most cases, the widest point for passing is at the front of the house with the side legs being only 12-15 feet wide. The important issue with the overall width of this driveway is that it did not extend pass the main part of the house. I don’t have the exact measurement of the center island because this file is in my inactive files, but remember it being about 100 feet long and 30-40 feet wide.
I hope this helps. Nancy

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