Do you do landscape/site design for Vinyl Liner inground pools?

by Tara Lanier
(Wendell, North Carolina)

Hi! I purchased a vinyl liner in-ground pool and plan to sub out most of the heavy equipment related work. We have a slightly sloped yard, so I know we will need a small retaining wall. I need to submit plans to the permit department and am having a hard time finding someone in my area to help me. Do you offer site planning/landscape design services, by chance?

Thank you!



Yes, I do site plans for pools. To get the height of the retaining wall correct and the drainage, a topography map with a 1' contour interval is advisable. In the Richmond, Va area, a retaining wall over 3' in height has to have a structural engineer's stamp for the building permit. The site plan shows the location of the pool, pool deck, planting beds, retaining walls, grading and any other components of the pool area like location of a shade structure and walks. Fencing is also required in most localities. In this area, the safety automatic cover meets code which is a great alternative if you don't want a fence.
Pool contractors here will locate the pool on a property survey and that will be enough for the building permit for the pool.
I hope this information is helpful.


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