Do you have any driveway designs where the drive comes up to the left side of the house and you want to come off the right with a circle drive that exits back to the main drive

Our drive comes off of a main, busy, 2 lane highway and comes on the left side of the house to a 2 door detached car garage that sits back approx 30ft from the front of the house. I would like to make a drive that comes off to the right and circles back to the same drive. I would like to have a circular brick area in the center for a decorative spot.(American Flag Pole,etc) I could also have more parking spaces that come off of the right side of the circle to reduce so much mowing of grass. Not sure this would look right. Any suggestions?

I certainly can see how you would want to bring people to your front door. I don't keep stock designs because each job is custom to fit the property. Your idea sounds like it could work. You need a minimum 50 diameter to make a circle drive. This radius accommodates cars and small delivery trucks, it's tight but workable. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to drive.

The downside of what you are proposing is that the entrance to the property is focusing on the detached garage, not the house. I know it would be more expensive, but if the entrance to the circle was centered on the house somewhere and the drive curved off the circle to go to the garage, it would be a prettier entrance. Maybe the garage houses something you like the straight shot to, them this idea wouldn't work. Just throwing our a thought.

Thanks so much for your submission!


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