Do you have any ideas for 6" x 12" ivory pavers and tar and chip driveway?

by kristi
(parkland florida)

I live in south florida and tar and chip driveways are not common. I have travertine pavers (6x12) and was wondering if you had any design ideas for the pavers and maybe blue gravel? I would like the grass checker board or herring bone pattern, but with the tar and chip.

Travertine pavers are beautiful and make lovely patios, pool decks and walkways. I have never used them for a driveway and am not sure that they will hold up to car traffic. Check with the stone supplier you purchased them from to be sure they are thick enough and strong enough for vehicle traffic. If you plan to do a patio or other surface for people traffic, I'll give you some thoughts. Proportionately, the 6" x 12" size travertine is basically like an oversized brick. You can use the same bond patterns as used in brick, so herring bond, running bond and basketweave can all look nice. A checker board pattern is made up of alternating squares. You have a rectangular material, so can't make squares without cutting it which adds additional time and cost to your job.
The tar and chip driveway(which we call surface treatment in Virginia) is a great and durable surface. It looks like a gravel driveway, but the tar keeps the gravel in place and adds strength. Here in Richmond, VA not all driveway contractors do this type of driveway. They have to have the specific equipment and knowledge to install it. If it's not a popular driveway in your area, you may have trouble finding someone that can install it for you. If you choose to use gravel instead, use a crusher run type of gravel that contains stone dust with the gravel. This type of gravel is compactable which makes a sturdier surface. Be sure the contractor rolls and compacts it as the gravel is installed, so the surface is good and tight when he's finished. Otherwise you have a loose surface that you sink in when walked or driven on.
Hopes this helps! Thanks for your submission!


PS- A nice driveway design for pavers and gravel is to pave the tire tracks and use the blue gravel in the center. This is a retro design that is often seen on smaller properties with short driveways. Often you see the tire tracks done in concrete with grass or gravel in the middle. This type of driveway is very common in my 1930's, suburban neighborhood.

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