Do you have any suggestions for designing a U-shaped or Circular Driveway for a cul de sac lot?

by Natalie
(Corpus Christi, TX)

We own a 3/4 acre cul de sac lot and are in the process of designing a house for it (1 story, 4400 sq ft). The 3-car garage is in the back of the house on the right side so the driveway is currently designed as a straight shot up the right side of the lot to the garage. There will be some extra parking at the top of the driveway past the garage.

We would really like to add a horseshoe or u-shaped driveway in the front yard. But the shape of the cul de sac lot is making this difficult. The lot is 22 ft across at the curb and opens up to 56 ft in the front of the house. The house could be pushed back farther on the lot but this would only make the driveway to the garage longer and require more concrete.

The u-shape that is currently designed only has a turning radius of 10ft on the inside and 24ft on the outside which seems tight. I was looking at your pictures for circular and tear drop shaped front driveways but I'm not sure if there is enough space for this.

Please share your thoughts! Thanks!


The 22 foot lot width at the front of the lot is a typical opening for the entrance of a single driveway. Getting two entrances to the U-shaped driveway in this narrow opening is not possible and won't look good. The tight turning radius is going to make it hard for larger cars and small trucks like UPS to use this driveway. Does it work to bring the driveway down the one side and have a one or two car parking area off of it at a location that gives the visitor a nice view of the front door? Your sidewalk can lead from this parking area to the front door in a soft, curvilinear path. This type of parking is easy to back out of and lets cars needing to go to the garage a clear shot to the back.
Hope this helps!


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