Does a u shaped driveway need to connect with main driveway to the side?

New construction . Garages are on the far right of the house and the front door is off center on the left. Can we put in a u shape driveway and not connect with the driveway that leads to the garages? i need help with the design please. Thank you.

Dear Reader,

A U-Shaped Driveway does not always have to connect to the main driveway, but usually it does. Every situation is different, so consider your circumstances.

Think about these things when designing the driveway.

1. Is your lot wide enough to support having space between the two driveways? This space may be awkward to landscape to make it blend with the planting along the house. Your front landscaping is your street appeal, so stand back at the street and be sure the space between the two driveways does not look awkward and throw the view of the house off. It could look like a lot of pavement in the front of the house as well.

2. Having part of the "U" be the leg of the driveway going to the garage is more economical because you are not building this part of the driveway twice. The driveway to the garage would curve off of the "U".

3. The best case scenario for a separate drive to the garage would be a corner lot. In this situation, you can have a "U" in the front to bring folks to your front door and create an attractive entrance. The driveway to the garage can come in off the side and be more of a private entrance.

4. With the front door being off center to the left and the garage being on the right, the "U" will have to be wide, but you still want to bring guests and your attention to the front door. When I design a "U-shaped" driveway, it usually goes from one corner of the front property to the other making a nice wide "U".

Good luck with your project and I hope this information helps! Thanks for your submission.


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