Driveway dilemma

by Helen

We are renovating an old farmhouse surrounded by lovely old maple trees.

Because of the trees we end up with a narrow driveway past the house (towards the barn) with probably a sharp u-turn to enter the garage which is attached to the back of the house.

We want to preserve the natural setting as much as possible.

Should we swerve out the driveway somehow and make a wider circle so we aren't ripping out our rotator cuffs everytime we turn into the garage? What would be a comfortable turning radius?


Dear Helen,

How much room do you have directly behind the garage? When possible, I like to have 40 feet. In most cases, you need a minimum of 28 feet to back out of a garage comfortably. I am mentioning this point because I am wondering if more room here would help you at all. I just don't want swerving the driveway out away from the garage to look awkward.

A good turning radius is 20 feet.

Thanks for contacting me and I hope this information helps you improve your driveway.


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