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I have a stone wall(Island) and the widest part is 27' which tapers off and is 15' long--(3 sides)
This is the edging on the left side of my driveway for about 10' and the driveway is about 30' long. After the 10' on the left side the driveway opens up and is just pavement.My problem is with the right side edging for the driveway. There was the same stone there but I want to put something other than the same stone on the right side. The right side of my driveway is my front yard. House has beige siding and red brick on the lower part of the bilevel house. The house is about 20' from the right side of the driveway. The driveway is maybe 12-15' wide. What edging will match the stone wall for the right side of my driveway? I was thinking of puting pressure treated 4x4x6 wood there??
Thank you Alex

Good Morning Alex,
It's nice hearing from you. I understand that you want a low edge on the side of the driveway next to the front lawn. This type of edge allows people to have easy access from the drive to the front door. You have a number of options. Salt-treated lumber like you mentioned above is one of them. From the above picture your driveway looks like it curves. The disadvantage of 4"x4" lumber is that it doesn't bend. I have used 1"X6" salt-treated lumber for curved edges because it can be scored and made to go around curves. Use a double line of 1"x6"'s and you can have the scored sides face each other making a very strong and finished looking edge. Stake the edge every 2-3 feet with 18 inch salt treated stakes. This is going to be the most inexpensive edge. Because you have a stone wall on the other side, a stone edge is another possibility. In Richmond, VA we use cobblestone (granite). It now comes in a variety of colors. There are also concrete edges that look just like stone that are cheaper than the real thing. This type of edge is going to be the most expensive. An edge that falls in the middle is steel edging. It gives a sharp crisp line to your driveway and keeps all the gravel in place. It can be difficult to install however. On the lawn side of the edge, backfill to the top of the edge with soil. This gives a finished look and allows you to take the lawn mower up to and over the edge eliminating weed eating. You should see 3-4 inches of the edge on the driveway side. This final step gives your job the professional look that you want. Visit my driveway edges page to see some pictures and to get some more general information. Thanks so much for writing.

Dear Alex,
Stone's natural and neutral colors are going to blend well with most everything. Gray is a very common color for edging. Salt-treated lumber starts out brown, but ages to a gray color. Blend the stone color with a stone in the wall and have it also be a color that looks nice with the house. Remember, it is going to be a small detail in the overall landscape design. A soft natural color is going to look good, keep it understated. It needs to do the job of holding the driveway together and adding a nice finishing detail, not be a focal point. Good Luck!!!

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May 15, 2010
Driveway Edging II
by: Alex

Hi Nancy, I really appreciate your ideas and will use one of them.

I have 1 more question if you don't mind. I am trying to get you a better picture so you can actually see it because the picture I sent you was absolutely awful. I am really confused on what color concrete edges or wood I can get to match (Blend in)with the stone wall island and the house.
Thank you very very much, Alex

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