driveway/parking question

My wife and I have started construction on our dream home. We have preliminarily designed the driveway as a straight driveway with a circle in front of the house. We plan to build a barn to the west of the house (see attached pic). I like the driveway running down the center of the property because I think it will frame the house nicely. It will also allow access to the barn.

My primary concern is parking. We have several large family gatherings every year. I'd like parking for 10-20 cars. I'm wondering if the circle drive could be used for parking? I'm guessing that we could also put a few parking spaces near the barn. Of course, I don't want the entire yard looking like a parking lot.

Am I doomed to a yard of asphalt?


Good Morning Charles,

I think your driveway design looks nice. You are right about not wanting your property to start looking like a parking lot. I can't read the dimension on the width of the driveway. A driveway this long coming into the circle is probably 12 feet wide? This width only accomodates one car. In rural settings, where the homeowner isn't concerned with the grass being perfect, cars can park along the long, straight entrance. You have to be careful the trees don't get damaged by cars rolling over their roots too. Some cars may be able to park around the circle. An 18 foot wide driveway can accomodate two cars. A 20 foot wide driveway is even more accomodating to parked cars. I suggest using an area by the barn for overflow parking. Does this overflow parking area need to be asphalt? Can the cars park on the grass since it's only an occasional party with this number of people? This certainly would be the most aesthetically pleasing. Your drivway looks large enough to accomodate plenty of day to day parking.

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