Edging for a steep (45 degree) driveway that has unilock pavers?

by Victor
(Yonkers, NY, USA)

Hi Victor,

I have used many different edges on steep driveways. Most all edges (cobblestone, brick, concrete pavers, steel) work fine along a steep driveway. Where the driveway transitions to a flatter surface at the top and bottom of the driveway is where the edge needs to be blended well with the edge on the slope. When I do a paver driveway, I don't always use a raised edge. Only when an edge is needed to keep mulch or soil off the surface do I specify one. For all my paver driveways, I do specify for the outer course of the driveway to be on a concrete base and mortared in place from below. This course looks no different from the rest of the driveway. Having this outside course mortared in place keeps the driveway pavers from pushing out the sides. Some contractors use a mass of concrete in a triangular shape behind this outside course. If this is the case with your driveway, you won't be able to get an edge to fit tightly against the driveway paver.
I hope this information helps!


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