Help my cracked driveway!!

by Caroline


I've come across your site and it's great for ideas and advice! I have a 50 year old drive that was poured in slabs. They have moved and now create an uneven surface. It's going to cost me $4000 to remove it before I even start with a new option. Are there any cost effective ways to improve the look of my driveway without ripping it out?


Hi Caroline,

What a shame you have a costly expense. The fact that the concrete slabs have moved and become uneven is a problem. Lifting old concrete slabs and leveling them would be more costly than demolishing it and pouring a new one. A gravel driveway is your least expensive option for the new driveway. If the maintenance of weeding and occasionally regrading and adding gravel isn't a problem for you this is a place to cut costs.
I hope this information helps!!Thanks for contacting me.


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