Help With My Front Yard That is Full of Tree Roots

by Roli

We have a front yard, rectangular shape 15' x 30', with very dry and patchy grass (there was grass before) and next to it is a dear BIG city tree which has roots spreading all over the lawn. We have contacted the city about it and they will not do anything.

We are very discouraged to maintain the lawn by continuing to water it and wasting money (we live in California, trust me water here is quite expensive) on monthly bills especially with the big roots that are a tripping hazard. They also break the lawnmower blades.

Will you suggest a BASIC do it yourself rock + flowering Plants + solar lights design?

Thanks for your help


Dear Roli,

A rock garden can be a good solution to your problem. Use a combination of boulders and small rocks. Place the boulders (the larger stones) in a location that frames the front door then build down from it with smaller stones. You can use sweeps of gravel like large chalet stone to cover the ground in some places. Add a top soil/compost mixture to the area you want to plant. Because of the mass of tree roots, you will have to add soil to allow room for plant roots to grow. Add accent plants around the boulders. Use plants that live in the sun exposure they will be given in this location. Lighting looks its best when the fixture is not seen only the effects of the fixture. Downlighting from the large tree onto the rock garden would help show off the landscape. Uplights onto some of the larger boulders or accent plants is also an option.

Hope this general information helps you put the pieces together!


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