how can i make a driveway so cars don’t have to back up and also have space for parking for 4 cars?

by Eric

i’m trying to design a driveway that people can enter and exit without having to back up, and also has spaces for parking for several cars, also without them having. to back up?


The only driveway where people can enter and exit without backing up is a "U" shaped driveway or a circle driveway. You want to be sure that the driveway is at least 18' wide by the front door, so two cars can pass one another. A parking space for cars can be made off the "U" or circle. Allow 8'6" of width for each car and 18' of length. The cars in the parking area would enter front end and would have to back up to get out. You can also make the circle or "U" part of the driveway wide enough so cars can park along the length of the driveway. No backing up required for this type of parking.
I hope these guidelines help you and can work with you property.


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