How can we make this driveway functional, private and beautiful?

by Dan
(Spokane, WA)

I tried to upload pictures to no avail. We drive straight into our driveway to the garage. Our house is about 100 or so feet from busy road. Currently there is no good place to turn around. We back onto part of our grass out of the garage. I think we have a decent sized area to do something but we have lived here for 13 years and are stuck. Less space toward house because our yard on one side is a hill but gets way wider toward road. Way more space on the other side of our house though, but then narrows on that side a bit. Pavement right before garage entrance. Can't get plants and trees to grow by road. Please help with our driveway dilemma. Thank you.

Sorry you had trouble uploading pics! I am envisioning your description of the driveway as a driveway straight into the garage and a slight slope on the right side of it. Is this slope not allowing you to change the overall design of the driveway? Do you need to work with a turn around area by the garage and incorporating it into the landscape? It sounds difficult to get to the front door and not the most attractive entrance. You can possibly have a separate turn around by the garage and guest parking on the right side of the driveway worked into the side of the hill with a walk to the front door. This way guests would be drawn to the front door and be able to turn around.
I have gotten plants to grow in difficult areas with lots of soil preparation with soil conditioners and tilling. If watering is hard to do by the road that can be one of your problems. All plants need watering to get established. Some plants can manage fine once established. Try permatil as a soil conditioner. I specify it as part of the bed preparation on all my landscape plans. It also helps keep voles away because it cuts their feet when they're digging.
Please get back to me about my comments, if you like. I don't know if I'm on track or not with you.



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