How do we add a parking spot to the base of our driveway?

by Lauren
(Caldwell, NJ)

We have a long steep one car driveway that leads up into the one car garage. We would love to add a "parking spot" to the bottom of our front yard to make shuffling cars much easier. Our front yard is flat from the street to about a quarter of the way up the driveway. We want it to look nice not tacky. Do you have any ideas for us? I can send a picture of the front of the house if you'd like. Thanks so much! Lauren & Rob

Dear Lauren & Bob,

It sounds like adding a parking spot in the front of the property is technically possible since it is flat. It would help me to see a picture, so I can comment about it's location to the existing driveway and house. The questions that come to mind are: Are drivers going to be able to exit their car and get to the front door by walking up the existing driveway? Are you going to need a retaining wall at the front of the parking space or do you have enough property to create terraces (slope the ground gently to the parking space)?
I'd be very interested in seeing a picture of the front. It would be helpful to send a few views.

Thanks, Nancy

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