How do you cover concrete planters with veneer stone?

by Pam
(Harlingen, TX)

I have 6 concrete round planters which are lining my front driveway that I am wanting to update. I dont want to paint, but update to a stone look. Can I cover them with a stone veneer? I don't want to remove them as they prevent anyone from running into my living room.......there is a street that runs perpendicular to my house which is on a corner lot.

Dear Pam,

Attaching stone to concrete is done by applying a mud base of mortar over the concrete that holds the stone. When a stone wall is constructed, for example, the mud course that is put over the concrete is actually tied into the concrete with a metal or fabric material. I think you may have a problem keeping the stone on the concrete planter. Something smaller like a chalet stone (a rounded 3-4 inch stone) may be able to be applied to the concrete successfully with some type of adhesive then grouted. The round shape will dictate having to use a small stone in order to have the stone installed on a curve.

Hope this information helps! Thanks so much for submitting your question.


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