How much space is needed for a circular driveway so that cars can drive around each other

I want to create a circular driveway but Im not sure I have enough space. I am wondering 1)how wide the area around the circle needs to be in order for cars to be able to drive around one another and 2) how much space is needed in order for cars to back out of a garage that is abutting the circular driveway.

Hi! The width of the driveway where you want cars to be able to pass one another is a minimum of 18'. I like to use a 20' width. This width does not need to be maintained around the entire driveway unless you want it to. Often you see a driveway widening to 20' from 12' or 15' in front of the house creating a place for cars to pass one another
For a car to easily drive around the circle, you need for the diameter of the center circle to be a minimum of 50'.
The back out behind the garage would be best at 40'. This isn't always possible and you do see shorter ones. However, if you have 40' it will make entering and exiting your garage much easier.
Thanks so much for submitting your questions. I hope this information helps.


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