How to add landscaping to soften and hide hard edges of driveway.

(Ocean Isle Beach, NC)

My driveway seems to overwhelm the overall view of the house and front landscaping. I would like to add a bed along the left side before the driveway cuts outward to hide the hard edge and expanded section of the driveway. I envision this to include at least one taller shrub or evergreen tree that would remain green throughout the year. Also the Japanese maple in front of the house has been removed. I would like to replace it with shrub(s) that would blend better with the existing shrubs. The maple was getting too wide for the area. I live in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. I have attached four pictures.

Dear Terri,

Indeed the paving in the front of the house isn't the best accent material. To soften this appearance, you actually need to add plants in front of the wide area of the driveway as well as the side. Carry the mulch line that is along the side of the garage across the driveway and gently curve it to the existing mulch bed along the side property line. Use the same plant by the driveway on the right on the left to create an entrance. Oleander and Indian Hawthorn are beautiful evergreen shrubs that will also add flower color. Along the side of the parking area, use the taller oleander in the back with the Indian Hawthorn in the front. Install stepping stones behind the Oleander to connect the two lawn areas. Adding plants to this side of the house also will help balance the garage and the plantings that exist around it. Is the straight part of your driveway long enough to line with crape myrtle trees? If so, plant them 6-10 feet away from the driveway and about 20 feet apart. Use all the same color.
I hope my description is understandable and helps.


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