How to handle a slope on a driveway edge?

by Sydney

We have an existing driveway with a three foot edge that currently has dirt and plants in it. On the other side of the edge is the walkway to our front door. At the top of the edge from the driveway side to the walkway there is about a one foot differece and it grades down to even over twenty something feet down at the sidewalk. This bed either needs a border or needs to be rocked but how do we handle the slope. Edging will draw attention to the difference and impede us from getting to the front door. Please help

I hope I am following your description alright. If not, please comment back to me. It sounds like you have a slope between the walk and the driveway edge which actually sounds more like it's a retaining wall. There is a slope down to the retaining wall between the walk and the wall. Slopes are best maintained in this situation with a groundcover ( a plant that creeps along the ground and has a root system that holds the soil in place to prevent erosion). Be sure to use one that grows well in your area and is adaptable to the conditions (sunny or shady). Plant according to the nurseryman's recommendations. Thanks for writing and please comment or send a picture, if I haven't visualized your situation properly.

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