How to mitigate a house with a less than 10 degree angle to the street with landscaping?

by Ann Wallace
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

I am constrained by the setbacks and the house plans have been approved - a very long process where I am. This layout works but I need to think about how to mitigate it with landscaping if that is possible.

I understand your concern about landscape planting to integrate and soften your new house. From the foot print you have sent, the house and detached garage are taking up most of your property. I don't know how many stories your house is, but if it's coming up at least two stories, I can image you want to maximize the integrating effects of landscape planting. I think the house is angled to allow you more space to navigate the garage. I agree with you, I find the angle to the street disruptive and awkward. Landscaping is not going to be able to take your eye away from the angle to the street. Can the entire house be moved over to the setback used for the back right corner? I find this a much more attractive position for the house.

If changing the position is not an option after going through the long approval process, landscaping at the front property line to soften the house and take your eye away from the house not being square with the street may be an option. I don't have all the details of your house design and property characteristics, but this is a thought. Planting along the house wont' help you with this problem.

I hope this information helps!! Thanks for contacting me and I'd like to hear how your project develops. Nancy

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