I am on a low budget for landscaping b/c we are renting, but i have to have my summer flowers

I have a large planting area in front of a large window. I purchased 7 large Mexican heaters, plumbago, a plant with tulip like yellow blooms and several packs of marigolds and moss rose. All like hot sun and seen to grow well in this area as I have seen them thriving in other yards. How should I lay out the plants? Should I put any of them in pots? Beth from texas.

Dear Beth,

If you have enough space in the planting bed, it's not necessary for you to put these plants in pots. The plants will thrive best in good soil, so I always recommend tilling the bed prior to planting. If the soil is not very good, add some compost at the rate of a one inch layer on the bed. Till the compost into the existing soil. Arrange the flowers so that the tallest ones are in the back by the house and layer down to the ground hugging moss rose in the front. Fertilize regularly with Miracle-Gro to keep them happy all season. Dead head flowers when necessary to keep them looking nice and to encourage new flower buds. Also, mulch the bed with a 2-3 inch layer to help hold in moisture and control weeds.
Thanks so much for your submission!


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