I do not know how to get the best design for a circular drive at our home.

by Faye Johnson

We have a one level brick home. The present side drive is 87' from a 2-lane highway to our side entrance and it is 22' wide. There is a cement walkway that comes from this side driveway in front of the house to the front door. It is 4' wide. There is approx. another 12' on the other side of the entrance to the front door. Any suggestions.

You certainly have enough space between your house and the road to have a circular drive. In most cases, a circular drive looks best centered on the front door. This means you would have to have a section of driveway curve from your existing driveway to the circle. The driveway to the side or garage peels off the circle. To insure this addition doesn't look like an add on, remove the staight section of driveway between the new entrance to the circle and the entrance to the garage. Remove the existing sidewalk and have a short length of walkway go directly from the house to the circle. Review the Circular Driveway Page for some examples. The landscape plans show this concept.
I hope these tips help! Thanks for your question!


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