I have a gravel driveway and the edges are always being run over by cars and trucks....then the driveway looks messy.

I need recommendations on edges for the driveway so that it can look neat and prevent drive overs. Price is a consideration. thank you.

You have a number of materials to use. If the edges are getting run over often, also consider if the driveway is too narrow. Gravel is going to move as the weight of the cars roll over it, so an edge is always a nice detail with a gravel drivdeway. Always use a crusher run gravel on a driveway. This type of gravel has dust mixed with the stone that solidifies and helps hold it in place.
The least expensive material to use is 1" x 6" salt treated lumber. It is secured in the ground with 18" stakes attached to the backside of the edging. Gravel or soil covers the top of the stake, so you have a clean finish. I have done all styles of houses with this edge. One circular drive with a fairly long driveway into the circle was done with this edging. They actually even doubled up the lumber with a spacer in between. The 1" x 6" lumber is flexible enough to bend when it is scored.
Other edges to consider are steel. You must be sure that it is rated for a driveway. They make this edge to be used for planting beds and sidewalks and it's not as strong as the one used for driveways.
Ths most expensive edge is stone and brick. To do this edge properly, you need to have a mason install it. It is laid in a footing and may or may not have a mortar joint. Granite stones and brick are beautiful laid side by side with no mortar while the bottom is secured in a concrete footing.
Hope this helps! Nancy

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