I need advice on my backyard pool and surrounding area

by Suzie
(New Jersey)

We installed an inground pool 2 summers ago. It is beautiful, we couldn't be happier. My concern is that we have a very large fenced in yard. I feel like the pool is a perfect distance from the back paver patio, but the yard still needs to be pulled together. The yard is so big.I need to tie things in. We are considering building a small pool house/ rectangle gazebo to provide a screened in area for food, bugs, etc. I don't want a "big" gazebo, but feel a small one would look lost in the big yard. Do you have any thoughts? I would gladly send pics. I have been on this internet for at least 6 nights looking for help. Thank you!

It sounds like you have created a comfortable swimming pool area, but need to decide how much lawn or open space is enough to look right and be managable. You have not mentioned plantings and it is often the planting beds that tie everything together. I think fencing the entire back yard is most often the best thing to do. It creates a large space that isn't broken up by fencing. Revisit the Gunite S. Pool page and notice how the plantings soften and integrate the pools into their settings. Size your gazebo to look in porportion with the pool and be a size that accomodates your needs. Again, plantings will help to integrate the gazebo. You are welcome to send pics, so I can give a more detailed comment. Good hearing from you.

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