Landscaping a long driveway, with a garage in the way!

by Corrie Duchesne
(South River, Ontario, Canada)

I'm looking for ideas on how to landscape my driveway and give my house some curb appeal. We have a long driveway and from the road you only see the side of our garage and our front porch(the house is hidden behind the garage from the street). Its great for privacy but leaves something lacking to the eye.
On the left hand side of the driveway before the garage is a large open field leading to the garage, and on the right hand side is a narrower field. Both fields have natural woodland beside them. It looks nice enough, especially with fresh cut grass, but is lacking a wow factor. I was thinking of lining the driveway with trees or maybe a perrenial garden down each side? OR maybe just a garden along the side of the garage? Any ideas would be helpful.

I would like to help you, but it is hard without a picture. Your place sounds beautiful with the open pastures on each side. It sounds like you are out in the country or lucky enough to have some open side around your house. Any time a driveway goes to the garage and doesn't focus on the front of the house, you have a problem to overcome. It's harder to create that wow factor when the ultimate focal point is the garage. If you can, please send a picture. Nancy

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