Long driveway on a fairly busy street

by Deb K
(Atlanta, GA)

Land survey

Land survey

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for any help you can provide!
Current Setup: Left side entry garage, home set back from street ~80 feet. Width of ~110ft. There is only 25ft from the garage to a retaining wall. There is limited area for guest parking, with no turn around space. If someone is parked in front of the garage, it is difficult to pull in (and I have already scratched the side of my car. I am deciding between a parking pad, which seems difficult to integrate and look nice versus a semicircle driveway. The semicircle driveway would have to be either off center of the house or require removing all of the existing trees in the front yard. Included is a picture of the land survey including the trees and existing driveway. The water main and fire hydrant is at the top right hand corner. Thanks again!

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Jun 11, 2018
Parking Suggestion
by: Nancy

Dear Deb K,

You have a beautiful house and getting the guest parking right is important. I don't think a U-
Shaped or circle driveway is a good solution for you. The trees add a lot of beauty to the front of the house. The slope to the side would make make a driveway look lopsided.
I am emailing you a sketch I did on your property plan. The sketch is of a 2-car parking area off the driveway with a new sidewalk to the parking area. The sidewalk is important because it ties the parking to the front door. Planting would finish it off.
I hope this information helps. Thanks for your submission. Nancy

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