minimum front yard size required for U shaped driveway ?

by Ray
(Needham, Ma USA)

I have a 50' wide lot with a double wide garage facing the busy street, centered on the lot. There is about 25' to the sidewalk in front. Can I get a U shaped drive in there ?

A U-Shaped Driveway is the best functioning type of driveway to use in your situation. When there is only a short distance to the street, I don't widen the driveway by the front door to allow two cars to pass. This is because it is not difficult to back out of this short distance, and it gives you more green space. These small U-Shaped Driveways are often seen in urban areas. Many beautiful old homes on Richmond, Va's posh Monument Ave. in the city have small U-Shaped Driveways.
Good luck with your project and thanks for submitting your question!


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