My garage has been transformed into indoor living space and house door is centre stage. I'd like to do a circular driveway for two vehicles. What do you suggest?

by Cynthia
(Toronto, Canada)

I have a very shallow and narrow lot.

Front Lot size: 36 feet across, 25 feet deep from sidewalk to door.

Door to house is centrally positioned now with original garage to left having been transformed into an indoor living space. I've lost the garage space to park two vehicles. Hoping a circular driveway could be incorporated into space to facilitate parking.


A U-shaped driveway works well in small spaces. I've done them very successfully in small urban spaces. Take the driveway from corner to corner of your lot. You may not have room to have it 18' wide by the house to allow cars to pass one another. Cars would then need to back out of the "U" onto the road to leave your property.

Please help!!

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