My lawn is very boring and I would like to make a modern landscape. Where do I begin?

by Dee

Front lawn just grass on a 60 wide lot new construction is very boring. I would like to make it minimalist but modern feel. Looking to use shrubs and evergreens with color and low maintenance. Maybe a sitting area not sure. What can I do?
Hi. The best landscapes are ones that accent the home, not overwhelm it. The landscaping by the house should work with the architecture. The plants by the house need to be the right size for the space and evergreen so that they look good all seasons of the year. The plantings out from the house can be more personal selections depending on your taste and what you want to maintain. However, these beds also need to work with the views of the house. Also, consider your views out of the windows as well.
I recommend finding a landscape designer/architect in your area. The fee paid should save you their fee and more by specifying the right plants and giving you what you want. Ask friends if they know someone, so you find someone with a good reputation.
Thanks so much for submitting your question and hope I've helped. Nancy

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