Narrow driveway with sheer drop on one side

Hi. My mum has a driveway which is barely wide enough to drive up. She has had it altered so there is slightly more room but it has left a sheer drop on one side and I am worried someone will drive off it one day. Is there any edging that I could use that would not take much off the driveway width but make it safe? Thanks.

Hi! There is not a narrow edge that would be strong enough in this situation. To create a strong edge it would have to be a low wall. I can't tell from the photo if you have enough room for a wall. A low masonry wall would have a concrete footing and steel rebar that runs vertically through it or you could use a concrete modular wall like Highland Wall from Anchor that is approved for this purpose. The top of the wall would come up high enough to create an edge for the driveway.

Thanks for contacting me and I hope this information helps!


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