Parking for 6-8 cars

Hello Nancy,

What design driveway would you recommend for 6-8 cars?

The current driveway is a smear of blacktop with an awkward driveway that veers up toward the house.

It would be nice to have a driveway that leads into a parking area. Something that will allow my plow guy to push snow forward. And ideally to have a driveway that extends past the parking area to the barn.

Thank you!

You have a beautiful colonial home that a U-shaped driveway could be a good solution and look great. The snow plow could move around it and it would bring folks to your front door. Have the entrance and exits as far to each side as frames the house. It appears the entrance to the existing parking area could remain as one leg of the U-shape. This driveway would eliminate the "smear of asphalt" to the side door.
Accommodating 6-8 car parking may still have to happen on the right side of the house. Have a planting area between the parking area and the street to help soften or screen the cars. Move the dumpster to a different location where it's not so visible from the street. A parking space is 8'6" wide by 18' deep. Give this much space per car with turn around and driving space behind. Too much asphalt is a waste and creates a unnecessary amount of paved area that would look nicer as green space.
It appears that a road to the barn could lead from the parking area to the barn where the dumpster is located.
The parking area may still have plowed snow piled in a corner. Don't know if the plowed snow could be pushed up the road to the barn and over to the side. This would still keep a parking space open.
Another option with a U-shaped driveway is to have the driveway wide enough for cars to park along the U. If you are accommodating 6-8 car parking on a daily basis, this may give a cluttered look. If it's just occasional, it may be a workable option.
Plant along the house and to the sides to frame and soften the house. Colonial landscaping can be very simple just softening the house in key points.
I hope this information helps you. Thanks for your submission.


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