Parking pad with pavers or natural stone?

(Toronto Canada)

We have a small city garden where we want to put in a small parking pad. We prefer the look of natural stone especially since we want to use it for a path as well.
We know the stone has to be at least 4 inches thick for a car.
Can we mix pavers and natural stone for the parking area?

Pavers and natural stone can be sucessfully mixed, but you have to be careful. I just finished a parking area for a client that was a mix of the two. Their driveway is cobblestone that is laid properly. When you got to the parking area, the cobblestones were not professionally installed and were dangerous to walk on. In planning the new paver parking area, I didn't want to match the cobblestones, but wanted the parking area to look like a stone courtyard. The CST paver Vienna Classic was used. It has a weathered look and it has the same joint as the cobblestone. I used a cobblestone edge and gutter to match the driveway, so it all flowed together. The driveway is now easier to walk on and looks very elegant.
There are some wonderful pavers that look like stone. The advantage of using the paver is there are no mortar joints to maintain. I am not sure what type of stone you sre considering, but mortar joints do deteriorate and need replacing at some point.
Hope this helps!


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