by Denise

Pergola with one layer of joists

Pergola with one layer of joists

I would like to have some kind of cover for my backyard patio, but I don't want the whole patio covered so I can still get some sun or layout on the patio. Would a pergola be a good thing for this or will it cause it to completely lose the sun?

A pergola can be built to only cover part of the patio. The photo shows how I covered a small area of a pool deck with a pergola. Notice the dappled shade under it. The top members or joists can be spaced at various distances as well. The farther they are apart, the more sun comes through the pergola. Also, one layer of joists allows more sun in then two or three. Of course, a pergola allows more sun through than a solid roofed structure. It sounds like it would work well for you. Thanks for contacting me. I hope your project is a success. Nancy

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